Where Are the Hanson Brothers Now? (2024)

Back in the 1990s, three brothers — Issac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, and Zac Hanson — took over the entire music scene with their infectious pop sound and (thankfully!) just refused to step back. Under the appropriate band name Hanson, they’ve tried a bit of a cappella, done unforgettable hits such as “MMMBop” as well as “Thinkin’ Bout Somethin’,” and simply made us fall in love with their artistry. So now, even though die-hard fans know that they haven’t ever really gone anywhere, let’s dig deep to find out precisely what the trio has been up to these days, shall we?

Who Are the Hanson Brothers?

Born in November 1980, March 1983, and October 1985, respectively, neither Issac, Taylor, and Zac were even teenagers when they decided to form a full-fledged band on a fateful day in 1992. They initially performed outside local clubs in their hometown of Tulsa. Yet, by 1997, they’d not only managed to get signed but also release their first major studio album, ‘Middle of Nowhere.’ That’s when they started to get the recognition they deserve, especially with Issac on guitar, vocals, bass, and piano, Taylor on keyboards, vocals, and percussion, and Zac on drums, vocals, and piano.

The truth is that the brothers are driven by inspiration rather than current trends, which is why they’ve had their struggles but have also managed to last three decades. This innate passion of theirs is genuinely evidenced in all the albums, singles, or tours they’ve gladly given to the world, along with the different documentaries on their entire creative process.

Honestly, every step they take in their career makes it apparent that Zac, Issac and Taylor’s early introduction to music by legends such as Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Beatles, Elvis, and Little Richard shaped who they are as individuals as well as a group determined to stay unique yet honest.

Where Are the Hanson Brothers Now?

First things first, as of writing, the Hanson brothers are preparing to launch their latest project and world tour — both entitled ‘Red Green Blue’ (2022) — to begin celebrating their 30th anniversary. Red represents Taylor, Green represents Issac, and Blue represents Zac, and it’s carefully done this way because they wished for it to mirror each person’s creative voice. This studio album will be Hanson’s 11th, following ‘Against the World’ (released November 5, 2021), which was mere months after their incredible stint on Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer.’

Coming to their other ventures, not only do Issac, Taylor, and Zac have their own independent label 3CG Records, but they also have a beer company quite simply named Hanson Brothers Beer. They launched the record label around October 2003 since they wanted to release their music without any outside fuss or opinions, so the “3CG” appropriately stands for “3 Car Garage.” However, in a couple of interviews over the years, the trio has admitted they would love to sign other artists to the label as well.

The Oklahoma-based craft beer business (established in 2013), on the other hand, has managed to expand its wings across the midwest in less than a decade thanks to its flagship Pale Ale, “Mmmhops.” But the best part is that the organization always donates a portion of its profits to charity. Hanson reportedly gives away a free song with every bottle sold. As if none of this was enough, in 2014, the brothers chose to blend their passions to create the Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival in Tulsa, only to end up with the country’s largest beer and music events.

As for their personal lives, all three brothers are happily married fathers who concede that their “talented” children are incredibly close, and it’s something they’re immensely proud of. With that said, though, considering how big the overall Hanson family has gotten, the Tulsa natives have also revealed they’re not planning on having any more children anytime soon. While Issac shares three kids with his wife Nicole Dufresne Hanson, Zac has five with Kathryn Tucker Hanson, whereas Taylor has a total of seven with his life partner Natalie Bryant Hanson.

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Where Are the Hanson Brothers Now? (2024)


Where do the Hanson brothers live now? ›

They've since released five studio albums, the latest being Red Green Blue in May. And despite the call of the two entertainment capitals, Hollywood and New York, they moved back to their Tulsa hometown with their families for good in 2008.

What happened to the Hanson Boys? ›

After releasing one album with them, the band left the label. Hanson has sold over 16 million records worldwide and have had three top 20 albums in the United States. They have had three top 20 US Hot 100 singles and eight UK top 40 singles. The band now records under their own label 3CG Records.

What happened to the Hanson brothers from Slap Shot? ›

After finishing up their hockey careers (Steve and Dave wound up in the NHL), the three moved on to other work. Jeff is an electrician in Muskegon, Mich., Steve is a minor-league hockey broadcaster in Wisconsin and Dave runs the sports arena in Pittsburgh where Mario Lemieux worked out prior to his comeback.

Is Zac Hanson still married? ›

Zac Hanson and Wife Kate Celebrate Their 18th Wedding Anniversary: 'The Best Thing I Have Ever Done! '

How much are the Hanson brothers worth? ›

Hanson: $60 Million

Bubblegum pop group Hanson hit paydirt in 1997 with its No. 1 hit “MMMBop,” a song that helped sell more than 12 million copies of the band's debut major-label album. Before that, the band had produced two independent albums.

Are the Hanson brothers Mormons? ›

The brothers are from an evangelical Christian family, but if you ask them, they won't get too deep into their religion.

What do Hanson do now? ›

Still releasing music today, the Hanson brothers embarked on a world tour of their own in November last year before agreeing to join Busted on the road.

Did Bobby Hull invent the Slap Shot? ›

It played games with your mind." Hull may not have invented the slapper, but he perfected it as a weapon of terror.

Did any of the Hanson brothers make the NHL? ›

Although all three Hanson brothers played professional hockey throughout the 1970s and 80s, they only combined for three seasons in the NHL.

Do the Hanson brothers have 15 children? ›

The band has 15 children between them — Isaac is a father of three, Taylor is a dad of seven, and Zac is a parent to five — and the majority of their kids go by their middle names, following family tradition. (Isaac's first name is Clarke, while Taylor's is Jordan.)

Who are the Hansons' wives? ›

While Zac met his wife, Kate Hanson (née Tucker) at the same show, Isaac went on to meet his wife Nikki Hanson (née Dufresne) a few years later at a Hanson concert in New Orleans. Taylor and Natalie tied the knot in June 2002 and welcomed their first child, son Ezra, a few months later.

Who is the Hanson Brothers' father? ›

Clarke Isaac Hanson (known as Isaac, born on November 17, 1980) and Jordan Taylor Hanson (known as Taylor, born on March 14, 1983) were born in Tulsa to musical parents, Walker and Diana Hanson, who met when they attended Nathan Hale High School, Zachary Walker Hanson (known as Zac, born on October 22, 1985) was born ...

Do Hanson Brothers live in Tulsa? ›

The Hanson Brothers sat down to discuss their Oklahoma roots. They talk about their memories of growing up and starting their musical careers in Tulsa as well as the reasons why they've remained in Tulsa as successful adults.

Where are Hanson Brothers real? ›

The Hanson Brothers are fictional characters in the 1977 movie Slap Shot. The characters are based on the Carlson brothers, who were actual hockey players. The movie, which stars Paul Newman, was written by Nancy Dowd.

How many kids does Zac Hanson have? ›

As for Isaac and Zac, the brothers have three and five kids, respectively. Isaac shares sons Everett and Monroe and daughter Odette with his wife, Nicole Hanson, while Zac and wife Kathryn Hanson are the parents of sons Shepherd, Abraham and Quincy and daughters Junia and Lucille.

Which Hanson brother went to the hospital? ›

Isaac Hanson realized something was wrong while he was onstage in Dallas on Tuesday night: His shoulder started swelling and his right arm became numb.


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